About us

Making Elegant & Beautiful Female Outfits could possibly be the best way to enhance feminism in our country. & to do it creatively ahead takes lots of efforts and persistence over the course of time in this highly competitive market. Gallberry stands for excellence in every way when it comes to designing & delivering quality female outfits.

Yogesh Gabani (Director)

With more than 5 years of experience in the Textile Industry, we have formulated Gallberry sometimes back in order to give customers the best & value added products and services. At present, we are into making super-splendid Kurtis with numerous varieties. From color combination to detailed work, our designers are taking care of every little insight while crafting breathtakingly beautiful Kurtis. We feel proud of owning such a wonderful brand which has gained popularity in the short span of time in the industry.

We follow a simple yet outstanding process to meet up to the highly integrated expectations of our valued customers. It starts from our research and development team which performs night and day to come up with detailed report on the current trends and requirements of the market. Our designers then proceed further to craft the unique and extra-ordinary piece of its kind. Not only that, we have number of quality check points through which a sample passes in order to ensure for the best possible outcome. In anyways, a final product by Gallberry stands for superb quality & finest elegance that seems to be ready to charm our customers in real.

We absolutely believe in a total team work. Our handful numbers of team-members are always ready to assist us with their amazing contribution towards achieving our aims and goals. To reach our growing customer base across the country, our team always come up with strategically planning. We always emphasize more on improvements in order to stand extra-ordinarily ahead comparatively.

Currently we have been dealing in major cities of following states.
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Maharashtra

We feel thankful to our valuable customers across India as with their support only we could have reached where we are today. We take their feedback on a regular basis to know them and their respective requirements better. & as a result, they also feel to have best outcome rendered by us.

As our Brand has become more popular all over India. We have been received many Franchise Inquiries. Currently we have franchise in Major Cities of Gujarat such as Rajkot & Bhavnagar. We are coming up with franchises in other Major States (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Karnataka) as well. & we are open for franchise inquiry. You may contact on info@gallberry.com for the same.


Fabric is something very integral part to start with in terms of making fabulous outfit. Therefore, we always emphasize on the Best & Beautiful Quality of the Fabric as a whole. We are following number of Qualitative checkpoints in order for getting perfection in the first place. From Silk to Cotton, you will find 100% Natural Color in our choice of fabrics.

We would like to add that “We support the Project by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. We are promoting Khadi Fabric through our products. These fabrics are hand weaven fabrics. Not only that, in order to support small/home businesses across the country, we use more of handmade accessories.

khadi fabric


silk fabric


cotton fabric


chiffon fabric


georgette fabric


crepe fabric


We always take pride in following qualitatively ahead standards in Industry. We have several quality check points in order to ensure the beautifully crafted best ever female outfit. Not only that, we keep open & transparent communication to our customers to show our total sense of integrity towards our work as a whole. We have kept honesty as our core value in this way.
We are aiming high towards our expansion in entire India. For that, we have already developed a simplified process to follow. Thereby, in the nearer future there will be more of Gallberry across the country and you will have unlimited access to the most beautiful female attires of all the time.
In the long run, we want to beat our own benchmarks of qualitative standards. For that, we are following our simple guideline of improvements with respect to time and situation. Our strong management team has also bulletproof strategies in order to surpass every possible hurdles in our way of achievements.
Mr. Yogesh Gabani

Today’s life has not only become digital but also it has been fastest of all the time. Therefore, in order to stand still in this highly advanced era of our time, we can’t escape computer and technologies at all. Believing in true sense of innovations and idea generation, Yogesh Gabani has joined hands in Gallberry with a motive to give it technically sound & profound edge.

Mr. Yogesh Gabani is been graduated in Information Technology and has successfully achieved Masters in Computer Application. His 5+ years of experience in Textile Industry with his technological & sound background in IT has paid off in real for Gallberry. He is looking after integrally backbone aspect of Gallberry. He handles Research & Development in simply effortless manner. It is because his experience and expertise gets him take decisions pretty quickly.

His courteous contribution is apparent in the truthful success of Gallberry in the date.

Mr. Sanket Gabani

Sanket Gabani has handful amount of experience in recognizing attractive & alluring designer piece in just one glance. His taste is pretty much seen in our products as a whole. He knows what to look for in order to ensure for the Qualitative Standards of Gallberry. Every time you give him a sample to process, he will give an extra ordinary detailed information about it. He not only emphasizes more on craftsmanship but also points out defects with minor details.

Our team under his guidance has achieved much more improvements in the date. Along with the manufacturing process, he is also contributing in Gallberry after looking for most important Sales & Marketing Management. His communication with our customers is simply to the point. He is true believer of making transparent communication in order to keep longer customer relationship with respect to time.

His total sense of dedication towards Gallberry has been paid off in real.

Mr. Shailesh Gabani

Under his valuable support & guidance, Gallberry has become the most prominent choice among its customers in short span of time. He has been available for sorting out all sorts of hurdles. Through his experiences he has been rendering a fabulous support to Gallberry in order to achieve certain milestones. His management skills have been advantageous for the company from the beginning.

Mr. Bhavesh Sonani

Only few people can give you solutions in just one shot after evaluating the situation thoroughly. Bhavesh is one of them. He is the perfect influence for Gallberry to grow at the high speed. His accurate solutions for the obstacles (Gallberry faced sometimes) were like right turns in right directions. We have become fast and along with that we are able to provide best and value-added products. & that, credit goes to such a magnificent pillar of Gallberry.